• Fae Tyler

Shop Opening: Behind the Scenes

As many of you know, I recently opened my Etsy shop, Virtue and Volition!

Origin: "Volition" is a word that resonates with me on many levels. It represents relentless willpower, the burning desire to achieve your goals, no matter the obstacles. Yet willpower must be tempered with compassion. It's all very well defiantly bend the world to your will, but let's keep in mind the need for a better, kinder world. And that's where "Virtue" comes in.

I've included some behind the scenes photos of some of the pieces in my shop, with some explanations of my thought process.

I chose to create in polymer clay since while I prefer metalworking, right now I don't have access to a metalworking studio and I'm careful to avoid over-straining my hands after my old over-use injuries. Switching to a more forgiving material made sense for my needs. This necklace was my first attempt at using polymer clay. I selected a kyanite crystal as the center piece for an elven necklace, and the piece grew very organically out of that. I wanted to create something graceful and durable. While I wouldn't sell this piece as it was a first experiment, the style in available for a custom order.

My personal favorite was a necklace I created from hand-sculpting a raven. I sculpted and detailed every single feather. Ravens have always appealed to me as symbols of wisdom and curiosity.

The top left is the only process photo I have of this, the other two are in its finished form. This was my first time working with labradorite stones, which symbolize transformation. However, I have always loved their "flashes" of light, the shifting colors that swirl and beckon. I enjoyed making this necklace so much I started creating other pieces in labradorite, though I have yet to make one as complicated as this one. I'm open to custom commissions, so if you have any questions, please reach out!