• Fae Tyler

Forgotten Places (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Train Cemetery in Thessaloniki Greece
Into the Maze (2018)

Abandoned places are filled with stories. There is the unmistakable sensation that these places were once alive and vibrant, until for some unknown reason, they fell into neglect. Lost to ruin and decay, they serve as forgotten reminders of the past-- a peculiar juxtaposition.

When I moved to Thessaloniki, Greece, I was expecting to see ruins from long ago history. And while there are ancient remnants in my surroundings, even more common are the recent ruins. Buildings half-finished and abandoned when the economic crisis hit. Businesses forced to close, with only graffiti and broken windows to mark their presence. Though I had known of Greece's economic difficulties, I was unprepared to see them so clearly written across the landscape.

Train Cemetery in Thessaloniki Greece

These photos were taken from a combination of abandoned buildings and a train cemetery outside the city. The train cemetery sheltered hundreds of rusted train cars. The trains snaked their way as far as the eye could see, over-run with tall grass and marked with graffiti. However, I have chosen to focus more on the intimacy of the interiors of the abandoned structures.

Train Cemetery in Thessaloniki Greece
A Bridge Between (2018)

Abandoned Building in Greece
Hallowed Halls (2018)

Abandoned Building in Greece with Nature
Just Beyond (2018)

Photography Train Cemetery in Thessaloniki, Greece
Last One Standing (2018)

Nature Photo in Abandoned Ruins
Rising from Rust (2018)

By a Window Bright (2018)

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